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Talken Technology MarketMaker At Work

MarketMaker is Talken Technology's complete e-commerce solution. It features a powerful, yet flexible product catalog, efficient and intuitive shopping cart, secure order placement and credit card processing, confidential customer registration, and powerful back office administration. To complete the electronic marketplace, MarketMaker provides a framework for publishing content to hook and inform customers. With its advanced and comprehensive feature set and sophisticated design, MarketMaker enables businesses to create an online presence comparable to the largest e-retailers.

Product Catalog

The MarketMaker product catalog is designed to handle a seemingly infinite number of products without degrading website performance. It can easily grow with any business. The catalog was created with the shopper in mind. It features intuitive and efficient catalog navigation. The performance tuned search engine provides nearly immediate access to products. MarketMaker allows products to be showcased with multiple images, description, features, and options.

Shopping Cart

After the customer finds the product they wish to purchase, MarketMaker makes it easy for them to add it to their virtual shopping cart. Shopping cart contents is persisted from session to session so that shoppers can return later without starting over.

When the customer has finished shopping, MarketMaker makes it easy and safe for them to checkout. All credit card transactions are processed on a secure HTTPS server protected by an industry standard SSL security certificate. Furthermore, PayPal PayFlow Pro payment processing software is seamlessly integrated into MarketMaker to safely accept and process credit card transactions in real time. E-mail receipts are automatically generated by MarketMaker to provide customer feedback and to complete the transaction.

Customer Registration

MarketMaker's customer registration also implements SSL encryption to protect customers' privacy. Account information is saved securely in a database so that customers can access their account from anywhere with their user name and password. MarketMaker can function with or without cookies so customers can shop in anonymity or take full advantage of MarketMaker's customer customization features.

Back Office Administration

MarketMaker's back office interface includes many site management tools to help business owners administer their online presence. Business owners can track and process orders, generate commerce statistics, view customer registrations, create mailing lists, maintain business information, and much more. The MarketMaker back office is protected by a secure server (HTTPS) implementing SSL encryption technology and native operating system user authentication.

Product Specifications

MarketMaker implements leading, industry proven technologies such as: Talken Technology MarketMaker At Work

Experience MarketMaker

To take a tour of MarketMaker's catalog, shopping cart, content framework, and customer registration, visit Shop 4 Classics is a fully functioning implementation of MarketMaker.

Purchase MarketMaker

MarketMaker is available for purchase in two plans. A full source copy can be purchased by contacting Talken Technology's product team at Or MarketMaker can be purchased with a web development agreement from Talken Technology's dot com solutions team. Contact the team at for consultation and a pricing proposal.